As Eid ul Adha is a religious occasion of Muslims. At 10 Zulhajj of every year whole Muslims mankind celebrates Eid-ul-Adha and performs the Sunnah which is “Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi”. Those Muslims who can afford they slaughter goats, cows, bull, ram, camels around the whole world where Muslims alive. Than they distributed to the poor needy, orphan, widow, neighbors, relatives and friends. Our organization Riadh welfare society co-ordinate with Muneer and Co. people who sacrifices buy and sell animals and also we send the sacrifices animals of Muslms abroad together. Riadh provide their services to all over Muslims countries. Riadh Provide their services to all countries. People who live abroad and have difficulty fulfilling the Sunah of Abrahim (A.S) the Muslim Contact us than we sacrifice the animals, according to the demand we send them in frozen clean Packaging.