In COVID-19 pandemic our organization Riadh Welfare Society played a key role. We give online (200m app) session on awareness about the virus. Our doctor’s team and pharmacists manufactured the hand sanitizers. We distributed hand sanitizers, masks, to social welfare department with Rashan Drive of 200 people. We gave all these facilities to civilian people too. Rashan Drive Scheme fulfill the need of more than 1500 homes. RIADH SOCIAL AWARNESS ABOUT PUKHTOON CUSTOM’S RD Production release a telefilm RIVAAJ is based on Pukhtoon Culture because due to this Rivaaj we loss a lot of our beloved once. In this telefilm RIVAAJ tell us about women’s right because a lot of women loss their lifes, hopes due to these rivaaj’s they are bounded. In this telefilm we show women’s right. RD Production release this telefilm on A.V.T Khyber & sponsored by RIADH WELFARE SOCIETY OF PAKISTAN.The main theme of this telefilm RIVAAJ is Humanity is the best policy. During this fearfulness fright our organization Riadh Welfare Society released a song made by RD Production and give tribute to respected Doctors, Medical
Staff, Police, Pak Army, Patwaries and honorable Deputy Commissioners.